Uncover the hidden threats to Employee Engagement

As a C-Suite Executive, learn how to combat low engagement within your organization and create building blocks to improve employee engagement.

Symptoms of Low Employee Engagement

Increased Absenteeism

Intentional or habitual absence from work decreases productivity and impacts company revenue and morale.


Voluntary turnover costs companies $11 billion per year and impacts employee confidence and morale.

Lower Productivity

According to a Gallup study, lost productivity costs the U.S. between $960 billion to $1.2 trillion per year.

Lower Profitability

Research shows that low profitability within organizations is directly related to disengaged employees.

Let’s Chart a New Course towards Greater Employee Connection and Involvement

Join us for our C-Suite Workshop as we spend a day combining a classroom session with time sailing the waters of Lake Michigan or the southern waters off the Key West, Tortola and St. Maarten. Identify the hidden threats of employee engagement, understand how it directly impacts your bottom line and discover new ways to improve engagement.

Workshops are designed for the Individual C-Suite Excecutive as well as for the C-Suite Executive and his team.

Individual Executive Workshop

Set your course for the future you can only dream of at this time. Take action towards the destination of your dreams by enrolling in our Leaders on Course system. Our full day session combines time coaching you through various life and leadership issues with time learning about sailing and navigation.

01.   Morning Session

Join like-minded professionals in a traditional classroom setting and learn:

  • Connecting values, vision and the employees’ voice
  • The Power that is generated from strong connections
  • The Requirements of Full Engagement and Connection
  • Charting a course to deeper engagement and connection
  • Shared languages and stories that connect to vision
  • Creating a spirit of trust and respect to build connection
tim dittloff leadership team building
sailing session lake michigan

02.   Afternoon Session

Take to the waters of Lake Michigan where concepts come to life under the sail of a boat.  Course includes:

  • Simulating the concepts learned in the classroom on a sailboat experience
  • Review takeaway thoughts and develop your plan of action

Cost Per Individual Executive



Sessions Dates

Please contact me via our online form to request your preferred workshop date.

Executive Team Workshop

The Teams on Course workshop is designed to bring teams together so that there are greater levels of compassion, connection, convergence and conviction among team members and leadership. Uniquely designed for your organization, we address your company’s pain points and needs. Our Teams on Course workshops can be done in a full-day or half-day format. Both formats provide a classroom portion and a sailing portion which reinforces the classroom session.

01.   Morning Session

The classroom portion of the workshop sessions include:

  • Living Well, Sailing Well, and Working Well… It all starts with self-management
  • Understanding your connection to the companies’ vision
  • Connecting your role to the companies’ mission
  • Understanding the role of shared language in organizations and on sailboats
  • Learning to grow the circle of trust and respect
  • Creating a emotional and intellectual safe space which benefits everyone.
c-suite executive curriculum
workshop for company teams

02.   Afternoon Session

We take to the waters where the sailing portion of the workshop includes:

  • Taking the helm of leadership
  • Valuing everyone’s contribution
  • Adjusting the “trim” of your organization (sails) and reacting to changing market conditions.
  • Communicating effectively in all situations
  • Celebrating success!

At the end of our workshops, we review the process in a muster session. During this session, you develop an action plan that you’ll take back onshore and back to your business to implement.

Costs Per Team (up to 15 people)





Session Dates

Please contact me via our online form to request for your preferred workshop date.