Dockside Dreams

Live the Dockside Dream

You are the envy of all your friends. You are “The Man” or “The Woman” that has “made it”. You have a business that allows you to be on a boat any day you want…. or need to. You are living the dream. But, living the dream takes work and wisdom. It takes years of experience and effort. Let us help you accelerate the process and goal of making money on a boat through our proven partnerships.

Like any business, making money in the maritime industry requires knowledge of finance, marketing, and operations. In addition to these skills, you need to earn your Captain’s license and gain the knowledge of how best to operate your vessel. All skills that take a lot of time and money to achieve. Unless there is a better way to gain this. Dockside Dreams can help you save time and money… both resources that are scarce, and important to save.

We have been in your situation before. We wanted to make the transition to making money through boating. In the process, we spent many hours developing our businesses and you can benefit form our experience. You have the opportunity to gain from our experience, but also the opportunity to save time and headaches because we are delivering a guidebook to greater success and business growth.

Our Package Includes:

Teams On Course
We use this full-day session to help you reach out to the business community in your market. This seminar will showcase your organization as the unique and preferred location in the community for leadership development sessions. Furthermore, once attendees see your facility, they will be more interested in joining.

OUPV Captain Education, Dock Safety and First Aid Certification
You can help boaters become more than boaters by helping them realize their dreams of becoming Captains. We offer USCG OUPV license classes as well as Dock Safety and First Aid Certification. This class is offered in partnership with our friends at True North Maritime Academy.

Business Builder Toolbox
We provide you with a business planning model, basic accounting framework, marketing plans, and webpage templates. Send us and email and we’ll get you the free basic planning tools right away.

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