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Develop the Captain Within You

Leaders on Course Training
Set your course for the future you can only dream of at this time. Take action towards the destination of your dreams by enrolling in our Leaders on Course system. Our system combines time coaching you through various life and leadership issues with time learning about sailing and navigation. Most of the coaching will be done right on the water, while some of the time we will work from your office or mutually convenient location. In this program you’ll grow through:

  • Understanding that before you take command, whether that’s on a boat, or in an organization, you need to lead yourself first.
  • Develop strategies for self- care and renewal.
  • Examining the fears that are holding you back, and learn strategies to deal with those fears.
  • Developing strategies to boost your confidence.
  • Learning how to develop a personal mission plan. This goes far beyond the typical “mission statement” development of other workshops. In this session, you’ll not only begin to discover why you do what you do, but you will also apply proven tactics and strategies that our military uses in developing a strategy for carrying out a mission.
  • Review how you communicate with others in your organization, business partners, your family and learn strategies to communicate with confidence.
  • Learn how to steer clear of daily distractions and chart a course to a success by learning to plot a course using navigation charts.
  • Learn the basics of sailing and actually spend time on the water learning how sailing can help you fulfill your dreams.
  • Develop a plan that takes the learning from the water and the classroom to your daily life so that your dreams and vision becomes a reality.

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