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Get Cheers and Applause at the Office Water Cooler Instead of Jeers and Sneers

As you walk by your team members, they are giving you high fives. They thank you for an incredible training session and tell you they will remember the lessons for the rest of their lives. Sound like a dream or fantasy? It can be a reality when you experience the best classrooms on Lake Michigan. Full Sail Leadership classrooms include sailboats and sailing vessels as well as traditional meeting rooms. Topics like vision casting, planning, communication, trust and respect come to life as we not only talk about it in the classroom, but we reinforce the lessons on the water. We are certain that no one in your organization will complain about another boring team building activity.

Each of our team members have sat through boring, unproductive meetings. We have all developed plans in meetings that were going “to make a difference in the organization”, but later the plan simply sat on the shelf never to see the light of day again. More importantly, our team has also gone through the fear of developing training that might not be received well by staff. That’s where our training and experience come to your assistance.

Our Experience Includes:

  • USCG Captains
  • ASA Sailing Instructor
  • Franklin Covey Training Certification
  • Maxwell Training Certification
  • CEU Provider Yoga Alliance (ERYT)
  • Registered Holy Yoga Instructor (R-HYI)
  • Trauma-Informed Care (TS-HYI)
  • Thai Bodywork Certification

Class Options:

Teams On Course
​Bring your group out on the water for a team building experience that teaches your core values, mission and on boarding principles all while laying a strong foundation of community and belonging. Members develop trust and respect for each other that will lead to lasting rapport.

Leaders On Course
Cast vision, motivate staff or develop future planning for your company or special project. This workshop is designed with the goal to assist you in plotting a course of action, developing effective communication within your teams, and building trust and respect in supporting your vision. Create action steps in the classroom, spend time out on a sailboat to reinforce learning.

Individuals On Course
Create a growth-oriented mindset to develop your self-leadership. Discover better self-awareness, explore work-life balance and be your best. Time spent in the boathouse classroom prepares you for communicating on the sailboat and being an effective executive – skills that can be taken back to the office long after the sail is complete.

Our Plans Include:

Full Day Workshop
​Your team learns about sailing, navigation and the connection to leadership and teamwork in the classroom from 8:00 am until 2:00 pm (a working lunch hour keeps the day moving along). Upon completion of the classroom portion, your team heads out for two hours of sailing. If your team exceeds five people, we use two or more boats, and then your team competes in a mini-regatta. When your team gets back to the dock, they have the opportunity to bond and reflect upon the day at the local tiki bar.​

Two-Day Workshop
​Start your day at 9:00 and spend three hours each day learning the concepts. After a working lunch, we set sail for three hours of sailing where your teams see the concepts coming to life. A daily debriefing of the sessions and learning takes place over beverages and appetizers.

Follow-Up Sessions
​We offer accountability follow up sessions so that you can monitor the progress against the plans you agreed on in the initial session. These sessions are usually scheduled as quarterly follow up sessions, but can be scheduled to meet the timetable of your team.

Individual Leadership Coaching
Learn the same principles of sailing and leadership through one-on-one coaching and training. Schedules can be custom built based on how fast you want to grow in both areas. Contact us to learn more about our individual development process.

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