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Webinar: Discover the Keys to Get Your Team on Course for Success in 2021

Tuesday, March 16th at 10 AM – 11AM CST

Fear is inevitable for organizations experiencing change. It affects motivation, creativity, relationships, and priorities.

This year, it’s time to refocus and create better strategies to win goals and overcome fear. It’s all possible by learning the top factors present in every successful organization’s mission, values, voice, and team building.

Prepare to chart the course towards team productivity, enthusiasm, and respect – armed with new knowledge and experience.

In this webinar, Teams on Course collaborated with Partner2Learn to help leaders answer these questions:

  • Why is a strengths-first approach important?
  • What is steward leadership? How does it differ from other leadership styles?
  • What is the shared language of leadership?
  • What are the five essentials of high-functioning teams?

You will learn:

  • The proven leadership development strategies that corporate giants and leading authors are using in their organizations
  • How to become a steward leader that encourages team members to use their strengths for the good of others and the society as a whole
  • The best leadership development techniques from experts

Join us to learn the keys needed to get your team on course for success.

Meet The Speakers

Our speakers boast an impressive background spanning global leadership, community activism, consulting, and sailing. Over the years, they’ve all helped teams overcome fear and tackled fear within themselves as well.

tiffany wiegand taent developer

Tiffany Weigand

With nearly 20 years in marketing and consulting, Tiffany has helped global organizations gain traction and create a StrengthsFirst mindset resulting in solutions that exceed goals.

captain tim dittloff sailing

Tim Dittloff

Tim is the founder of Full Sail Leadership where he helps major brands and organizations tackle fear head-on. Tim puts his global knowledge and experience to use through workshops and on the open seas.

scott gostchock talent development

Dr. Scott Gostchock

Scott has spent nearly 30 years providing educational and community services to under-resourced communities as a teacher, administrator, and activist. His impressive expertise includes transformational leadership, executive coaching, and much more.

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