Live Well, Sail Well,

Work Well.

Live Well

Value (Honor, Respect, Devotion to Duty)

Sail Well

Learning the mechanics
Team interaction
Vision casting
Adjusting/Trimming for performance

Work Well


Our Mission

We develop the full potential of people and teams through education and sailing. We work to improve unity, trust, vision and results in organizations that make a difference in the world.

Hands-On Application of Concepts

Full Sail Leadership Academy provides leadership and team building experience based on principles of sailing and navigation. Attendees actually spend time applying classroom concepts on the water to reinforce their knowledge.

Session Themes

  • Communication
  • Vision Casting
  • Teamwork
  • Attitude / Awareness / Team Integrity

Your Choice of Location

FSLA seminars are typically held at the Milwaukee Yacht Club or Door County, but can be held in warmer destinations as a part of an incentive travel program or winter team retreat.

Qualified Instructors, Proven Training Methods

All FSLA staff are experienced sailors, captains, and educators. All teaching is based on the latest research and writings on leadership and adult learning.

My Daily Voyage

Take command of your day, and become the commander of your goals and dreams !

“My Daily Voyage” is a planning tool from Full Sail Leadership Academy. It is designed to help you stay focused on your mission, and to help you monitor your productivity throughout the day. Each day, use the section at the top of the day to review what your mission is and what actions are vital to completing the mission. Download it today and fill out what tasks and actions you need to do to stay focused on the mission. Finally, like all good sailors that do a debrief of their voyage, you can complete the daily debrief section to look for ways to improve for tomorrow.

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