Alter the Course of Your Company with Transformational Team Building

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Team-building and leadership skills create a company culture of trust, commitment, and respect

You are the captain of your ship, your company. As captain, you have a clear idea about where your company is headed and how you will get there.

But is your crew on the same page?

An essential part of leadership development is knowing when it is time to make a course correction or fine-tune your thinking. Just as failing to make a course correction could prove disastrous out on the open water – it can also be devastating for the future of your business.

Course Correct to Improve Employee Engagement

Smooth sailing – it is something everyone wants, both in business and on the water. At times, though, obstacles get in the way.

At sea, those obstacles could be a change in wind speed or direction, storms, large waves, or damage to the vessel. If a captain is not paying attention, the boat can quickly get off-course.

Course correcting might take time and effort, but it helps the captain and their crew stay on course so that they can reach their destination safely.
Similarly, you and your team deal with various hurdles in business – some internal and some external. When the internal obstacles are overcome, it is easier to deal with external ones because everyone is working as a team, just like a cooperative crew on a boat.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a business to get off course, thereby losing employee engagement. If you do not course-correct quickly, you can end up with huge productivity and profitability losses.

Leadership Development and Team-Building Experiences Increases Employee Engagement

Full Sail Leadership offers leadership development coaching and team-building workshops. During these sessions, your facilitators will help you:

  • Keep your ultimate destination in mind
  • Develop good, open communication with your team
  • Develop a steward leadership and co-stewardship mentality
  • Recognize the value in giving your employees a voice in where the vessel (your business) goes
  • Build a deep connection with your team
  • Develop an appreciation for each individual’s strengths

The Best Environment for Team Building

The team at Full Sail Leadership knows that only so much can be taught in the classroom. Reading about something and doing it are two different things.

That is why part of the curriculum you will receive in our team-building and leadership development programs take place on the water.

You will spend part of your time in the classroom, discussing your company’s vision and mission. The honest, open conversation between you and your team can help you determine how you are going to make course corrections so you can increase:

  • ✔ Trust
  • ✔ Respect
  • ✔ Job satisfaction
  • ✔ Profitability
  • ✔ Productivity
  • ✔ Compassion and conviction – both for each other and your customers

What your team learns in the classroom will be put into practice on the water and then carried through in the workplace.

There is no better way to start team-building than by working together on a boat. For the boat to go anywhere – and to get there safely – the crew needs to work in harmony.

Your team will:

  • ✔ Learn how to communicate clearly
  • ✔ Recognize that everyone has an important job
  • ✔ Appreciate everyone’s effort
  • ✔ Learn to celebrate each other’s strengths instead of focusing on weaknesses