Raise Employee Engagement: Chart Your New Course Now

Hands-on leadership and team development workshops that increase employee engagement and overall business growth.

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Full Sail Leadership workshops build the foundation for productive teams focused on common goals

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Do These 4 Hazards of Low Employee Engagement Sound Familiar?

We empower businesses like yours to confront the source of these hazards before they spiral out of control.

01. Increased Absenteeism

The silent killer of employee engagement and morale, bleeding companies between $36,000 and $360,000 or more per year.

02. Higher Turnover Rate

A vicious cycle of inflated hiring costs, brain drain, employee burnout, team distrust, and stagnant growth.

03. Lower Productivity

Disengaged employees are 17% less productive, tending to the bare minimum without any commitment to the organization.

04. Decreased Profitability

Incremental costs mount, leading to layoffs and austerity among remaining employees.

These hazards can destroy your company from the inside out, but they are also preventable and reversible.

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Address These Hazards at the Source with Full Sail Leadership Workshops

Just like the captain of a sailboat, it ’is your responsibility as a leader to chart the course for your team to follow. Our full-day and half-day workshops both include.

  • Facilitated classroom discussion for team building, StrengthsFirst, the shared language of leadership, and steward leadership
  • Sailing and navigation instruction from a certified USCG Captain and ASA Sailing Instructor

Build team unity and chart your course as a steward leader. Learn to uplift each employee’s individual strengths, create a culture of trust and accountability, and forge a deeper team connection to the organization’s mission.

Our Teams on Course Model

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Enroll in Leaders on Course or Teams on Course.

Take control of your organization’s future.

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Part 1: Facilitated Classroom Discussions

Encourage team-wide employee engagement, trust, and accountability with lessons like these:

  • It All Starts with Self-Management: Learn self-management principles to create a foundation for success and wellness in life, sailing, and work.
  • Connect the Dots for Unity: Strategize to unify the values, vision, and voice of employees and the company.
  • Dos and Don’ts of Strong Ties: Learn about the power of secure team ties for supporting an organization’s growth.
  • Shared Language of Business and Boats: Find out what teams and leaders can learn from sailing in terms of safety, commitment, honesty, and accountability.
  • Full Engagement Requires Full Trust and Respect: Learn how to encourage team-wide engagement with a culture of respect, openness, and trust.
  • A Safe Harbor for Psychological Security: Discover how to make each worker feel respected, valued, and emotionally safe.
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Part 2: Sailing Time

Instill trust, accountability, and honesty on the open water:

  • Take the Helm of Leadership: See what it means to take the helm both literally on the sailboat and mentally as a leader in the workplace.
  • Value Contributions of Every Team Member: You need everyone to run a vessel. Learn to appreciate every contribution.
  • Changing Winds and a Shifting Market: Put on your jacket and buckle down. Learn the stark similarities between the wind at sea and market conditions.
  • Communication Brings Success: See the importance of open and honest communication in action.
  • Celebrate a Successful Voyage: Revel in your success at completing a sailing expedition.

Leave with a Direct Plan for Action

Develop an action plan post-workshop with your new steward leadership principles.

Employee engagement and team growth do not happen overnight. That is why your action plan will include accountable improvement goals over a 12-month period.

After that, the future is in your hands.

Will you seize the moment now to shape a new vision for your company’s future?