Raise Employee Engagement: Chart Your New Course Now

We provide executive coaching centered on increasing employee engagement, overall adding value to your business.

Our goal is to coach you so that you are better able to build strong, lasting ties between your organization and your employees.

As a part of this course, we offer training sessions in an environment away from your usual work setting. Our workshop includes a classroom training session, followed by time spent learning and sailing out on the open water. We create an experience that you are not likely to forget.

And it isn’t just designed for you.

Our workshops are designed either for individual executive leaders or an executive leader and his team.

Enroll in our program, where we focus on executive management and team-building techniques that will help you and your crew avoid the four hazards associated with low employee involvement.

quote-markMy team connected on a new level.

My team at Design Fugitives went sailing with FSLA as a team-building exercise. The time spent on instruction and on the water is fantastic. Captain Tim makes sure that everyone is treated well. I learned so much about sailing and life through this, and my team connected on a new level. I highly recommend Tim!!!

The 4 Hazards of Low Employee Engagement

Here at Full Sail Leadership Academy, we empower you through quality information.

We provide you with high-quality content tailored to your organization. This information is suited to your company’s pains and is meant to fulfill your company’s needs. By providing you with relevant information, we ensure that you are prepared and able to tackle the four hazards before they tackle you. The hazards include:

01. Increased Absenteeism

Continual work absence cuts morale and costs companies $3,600 per year for each $10,000 of wages for each hourly worker. With these numbers, companies can annually lose anywhere from $36,000 to $360,000 or more.

02. Higher Turnover Rate

High turnover rates lead to high costs, but cost is not the only thing that mounts when employees switch jobs or quit. The social environment is also harmed as valuable business members cut their ties and move on.

03. Lower Productivity

According to a Gallup study, disengaged employees are 17% less productive than fully-engaged employees. Although the statistic looks arbitrary, it becomes worth its weight in gold propagated over a matter of years.

04. Decreased Profitability

Incurred expenses can drastically cut company margin as well as impact other employees due to layoffs and other executive actions to save on expenses.

You can prevent these hazards from impacting your company,
or you can treat them if they already are present.

The C-Suite Workshop – Your Sure Charter to Success

By enrolling in either our Leaders on Course or Teams on Course workshop to set a new course now. These workshops are designed to bring teams together and to promote compassion, connection, convergence, and conviction.

Both our full-day and half-day sessions combine coaching in a classroom with time to learn about sailing and navigation from a certified USCG Captain and ASA Sailing Instructor. These are lessons that you will never forget.

Every session, whether full-day or half-day, contains both time inside the classroom and time out on the open water.

leadership coaching curriculum

Classroom Time

Included are lessons on topics such as:

  • Living Well, Sailing Well, and Working Well – It All Starts with Self-Management: Learn valuable daily self-management principles that apply to life, sailing, and work.
  • Connect the Dots: Values, Vision, and Voice: Gain an understanding of how to unify the company’s and employee’s values, vision, and voice
  • The Power of Strong Ties: Do’s and Dont’s : Be instructed in the power of secure connections.
  • Shared Language Between Business and Boats: You will find out that business and boats have more in common than just the letter “B.”
  • Full Engagement and Connection Requires Full Trust and Respect: Find out about the relationship between being engaged and trust.
  • A Safe Space: Harbor Intellectual and Emotional Security: Discover how to make your workplace a safe place for employees.
leadership development handson coaching

Sailing Time

Included are lessons on topics such as:

  • Take the Helm of Leadership: You will have the opportunity to take the helm. Everyone can be a leader.
  • Every Crew Member Contributes Value – Value Every Contribution: Every member is needed to run a vessel. Learn how to understand and appreciate every contribution.
  • Trim Your Sails: Responding to Changing winds and a Shifting Market: Put on your jacket and buckle down. Learn the stark similarities between the wind and the market.
  • Effective Communication Brings Eventual Success: Listen to understand how communication is critical.
  • Celebrate a Successful Voyage: Revel in your success at completing a sailing expedition.

Direct Plans Direct You

At the end of our workshops, we take time to review the process and what you’ve learned in a muster session. During this session, you develop an action plan that you will take back onshore and implement in your business.

Keep in mind. It does take time to implement changes. As part of this action plan, you set accountable improvement goals that you work on for the next 12 months. Developing and following through with these goals is essential to producing optimal results. Seize your moment by taking the time to shape a direct vision of your company’s future, and let your company’s future direct you.