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bare minimum mondays
5 min read

The first mile of a run often feels the hardest. There’s a scientific reason for that. Your body just picked up the pace, and your heart and oxygen levels haven’t caught up yet. But, if you keep going, your body eventually syncs. The key word here is IF – because not all who start will […]

encouraging work team
6 min read

What can make a person’s palms sweat?  Knees knock?  Mouth run dry? There are many answers, of course.  But let me press you to be introspective for a moment.  What have been some of the most nerve-racking moments in your life? When facing an imposing obstacle?  When you’re down to your last dollar? OR When […]

6 min read

Like many entrepreneurs, Jacki and Donte carefully and deliberately determined when the time was right to cut ties with every safety net and throw themselves entirely into their dreams. This young couple spent years honing Jacki’s family cupcake recipe.  People loved them.  Couldn’t get enough.  They couldn’t keep up with demand. In the first quarter […]

handle disrespect workplace
6 min read

Wildfires consumed massive acreage of Canadian land in the summer of 2023.  The smoke from the fires was so pervasive that it spread throughout much of the United States. Air quality alerts warned folks to stay inside for days at a time.  The air was poisonous to breathe.  Taking a hike without a respirator was […]

6 min read

A clock, a cellphone, or a lightbulb – which do you think had the most significant impact on human history? Some argue for the clock.  From the second the sundial was invented, time could be measured and managed.  Work was no longer limited to nature’s boundaries. Others think the lightbulb should win the award.  When […]