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“Why are they lying to these kids?” That’s what comedian Chris Rock thought while attending his daughter’s high school orientation.  What lie triggered his concern? The speaker repeated a common phrase that feels like our culture’s mantra.  They said, “If you work hard enough, you can be; you can do whatever you want!” To this, […]

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How many lives do you think a Rolex could save?  This question haunted Oskar Schindler. During World War II, Schindler was instrumental in saving thousands of lives as genocide threatened to extinguish the Jewish people and more. Still, during Schindler’s List’s famous and moving closing scene, he is portrayed as looking at his watch and […]

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Have you ever been uncomfortable with doctors “practicing” medicine?  When you have a severe medical condition, most people don’t want someone practicing on them. You want solutions.  Guarantees.  You don’t want someone “practicing” on you.  You want them administrating healing! Our words matter.  Words create worlds.  They create culture.  What meaning does the word “practice” […]

leadership strategies positive conflict
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“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” Smoke and mirrors, threats and fears – CONFLICT. Even the slightest scent of conflict causes many to bolt out of the situation as if a 500-pound gorilla were threatening them. Conflict is uncomfortable for most people.  It’s a natural signal that something is wrong and must […]

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Don’t you love a good rudder? Isn’t it a relief when you don’t have to lose any sleep worrying about the quality of your rudder? Wait. Your mind doesn’t randomly roam to your rudder? Most people don’t daydream about the mechanical components of a ship. But if you ever step foot on a sailboat and […]

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Disaster struck in the dead of night.  The nine-member crew of Team Vestas Wind spent the night in life rafts instead of their $6 million yacht. Only seven weeks into a nine-month race to sail around the world, Team Vestas Wind ran aground on the reefs of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. Thankfully, no one […]