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I have always been a fan of Patrick Lencioni’s business books. They have been a valuable resource in helping teams coalesce and connect at deep levels. A challenge with using these books arises when a business leader is unable to separate themselves from the problems in the business unit. They fail to facilitate a discussion […]

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There is a dramatic increase in incivility in the workplace. This incivility leads to burnout and lowers employee engagement. Conversely, building up and connecting with team members improves employee engagement and profitability. This article gives examples from corporate America and the world of sailing to help you build connections. It Starts with Stewardship As a […]

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There has been a great amount of research on the benefits of a psychologically safe workforce and how it improves employee engagement. When engagement improves, productivity and profitability improve, and lost-time incidents drop dramatically. The process of teaching about psychologically safe workplaces is very similar to teaching safety on sailboats. The skipper’s number one job […]

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“Resilience is an essential skill in our volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous work environments. Resilient people manage transition, stay productive, and continue to learn and add value to organizations even in the face of challenges” ( TD magazine, Aug 2019). Building resilience in our workplaces will build loyalty and decrease turnover. Getting teams out sailing […]

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According to the Gallup organization, companies with greater employee engagement are 21% more profitable that those with lower employee engagement. Unfortunately, across the nation, 70-75% of all workers are disengaged from their work. Today, only 15% of all workers when surveyed score as completely engaged in their work. This article will address the costs of […]